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More than likely I’m a lot like you…
I have chronic pain as well as PTSD and severe anxiety.
My doctors had me on a steady regimen of narcotic opioids and benzodiazepines to cope with the severe pain and anxiety.
Although these drugs gave me moments of relief, they left me depressed, lethargic, and always wanting more…
Because the pain never went away.
So, I started taking more.
The more I took, the worse my depression and outlook on life became. I remember thinking some horrible thoughts in those times of hopelessness and anguish.

I remember weeping for hours and crying out to my wife asking “Why does it have to be like this?” or “Things are never gonna get better!” It was in those hours of despair that I decided I wanted to take my life back. I thought “There has to be something out there that can really help me feel a little better than I was. And that’s when CBD came along and changed my life forever.

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I found a couple of CBD products and began my journey of not only feeling better, but truly becoming better.

I swapped my prescription meds for some CBD capsules, and noticed nearly immediate pain relief. Not only did my pain levels change, but my outlook on life began to change in drastic ways. Not only did CBD help me step away from narcotic pharmaceuticals, but it also helped me quit drinking. I am now over 5 years clean from alcohol and narcotics and this is thanks to the power of CBD products.

I saw such a difference in myself I decided others needed access to these benefits at a fair price. …and Greenthumb Naturals was born. As we have simply tried to help people one by one with their own health and wellbeing needs, we have received an unbelievable amount of local support as well as support from across the country.

We truly want to help people, and our customers can feel that love.

We have a huge heart for our veterans, and donate to many vets each month to help them.

We are also proud to be helping many cancer patients with the side effects of treatment or with the pain and nausea that comes with the disease.

To do what I’m doing for a living is truly a dream come true.

Believe me when I say – we’re just getting started!

Any questions for us?

Reach out to us and let us know.

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