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Put the power of nature to work in your mind and body with our high quality, lab-tested Greenthumb Naturals CBD products. No added flavorings or preservatives and we use only the highest quality hemp derived CBD sourced from one farm in Southern Colorado in all of our GTN products.


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  • Smokiez CBD Gummiez ($29.00 $20.00)
    reviewed by veronica1976ilovemygod

    My name is Veronica let me just say how these gummies are awesome! Great taste πŸ‘Œ with all these products my recovery is going great and no more pills for nothing.. I recommend all these products πŸ˜„

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  • CBD Starter Bundle ($130.00 $109.00)
    reviewed by veronica1976ilovemygod

    I have used all these products πŸ˜„ very happy and satisfied I have not been on no pain med's or sleeping meds πŸ™also no more anxiety medication 🀞 thank you Green thumb naturals πŸ™πŸ’›

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